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This group was created for a fan based Pokemon game that is in the works of being created. "Pokemon a New Frontier", this game contains a new set of pokemon on top of a few existing ones.

Pokemon and all related characters or entities are copyright (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, and/or all other applicable parties.
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Mar 26, 2012


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Fan based Pokemon Game

671 Members
837 Watchers
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RPG maker Team

Evolution Shrine by Laurelman Pokemon A New Frontier : 1st map ? by Ray-one

Pokémon Direct Presentation - 08.01.2012…!
nintendo direct for updates…

submission guidelines
Pokemon a new frontier RPG maker by novadragon1000

a rough ex on spites will be
#1 - Vulfae by gunzy1 #4 - Tigarva by gunzy1 Delphanius Comparisons by WiiStyler

Who is mainly in-charge of the project(creator)

graphic artists
Members who are Widely part of Graphics (Potraits,Edits,HUD,Etc.)

visual artists
Members who create Linearts/Drawings/Sketch etc.

Members who are correcting grammars, writing story, ideas
- :iconlaurelman:

Members who are making the sprites for characters/tiles/etc.

Members who are creating Maps of the Game

Members who write scripts for systems/features/etc

Members who creates Animation Effects,SBS aka. Tankentai Actions Sequence

Members who composes songs and music for the game

1. refer to the submission guidelines to contribute
2. Tilesets need to be compatible with VX Ace or XP Tiles please indicate which version or you will be ignored
3. all pictures submitted should have a single color background, you can have a second one for concept arts and those will be accepted directly on deviantart
4.Thank you for following directions you may now contribute resources.

To send me resources:

1 E-mail me :
2 post them here on DA using a link to your work through comment or note
3 post them here at :iconpokemonanewfrontier:







It has been over 2 years now that I have started this group. I would like to take the time to reflect a little, and ask for you to bare with me on this reflection. I started all fakemon games, groups and whatnot, like most fakemon creators I know, with the starters. I first needed something unique, and interesting. Something I would like to work on, and still be happy with them a year, five years, and even ten years later. I decided to create the starters in the images of cute, tough, and friendly pokemon. Who doesnt like that? I would want animals I would like to have myself. I didn't follow the usual basis, with reptile/zodiac/and water creature for starters. Frankly, because I never saw that connection before, plus Nintendo has stopped that since gen VI. So I created a grass fox, a fire tiger, and a water dolphin. Luckily for me the fire tiger actually worked out. I got a little sass over my choice of grass starter, but for all those that didn't like it, but didn't think much of it, as this is my game, and they can take it or leave it. The final results of the beginning fakemon starters are:
Vulfae: #1 - Vulfae by Laurelman ;  Tigarva: #4 - Tigarva by Laurelman ; Delfanius: #7 - Delfanius by Laurelman

I must admit, not the best names, but hey I was just getting started. After looking at them, and coming up with evolutions. I knew I was pretty happy with fakemon. I tried to imagine who I would first pick in the game. After a lot of thinking,  I could't decide, and getting frustrated thinking the players of this game will only be able to try out one starter, and not getting the chance to try all three, I went with a new direction. I allow the trainer/player to have access to all three. Which steered me in another direction. Have the player control 3 different trainers. Two male, one female. Much like the show. The player can change the names as they as they see fit, but their default names are Dave, Matt, and Sarah.

I am a big fan of triple battles, and this will def be the result of many of said battles. However if the player wants can just choose to control 1 of the trainers and use the two as travel companions, just ppl for carrying extra fakemon you like to try out or what not. The decision is up the player.

The next thing I decided was to focus on a theme for the game. I wanted something epic and unique, so I decided to go with one of oldest stories and most epic I could think of. It was "The End of Days". Many religions have this end coming, and many fear it. Whether it is true or not, I wanted this the fan game of all fan games. Go big or go home. A major theme to the end of days, is the number seven. So in honor of it, I decided to have seven new pokemon types: Light, Chaos, Sound, Magic, Nuclear, Cosmic, and my favorite Tech(nology). Again I got a lot of gruff for these new types. Again, I thought, my game, my rules. Then to push the envelope even more, I decided 7 regions these trainers will travel. One region representing one continent. Starting with North America and ending in Antartica. There will be 21 rivals for the set of three trainers to battle in each region. 21/3 = 7 (again)... See the theme? Okay I think you got it.

So brings me to the next question, if ppl are still willing to try this long game out. They want to know if any of their favorite pokemon will be available to play. And the answer is no. This is a fakemon game. There will be alternate evolutions and what not to orginal pokemon. To help explain the missing of the original pokemon in this world, is simple. They were stolen, or gone elsewhere, or returned to their creator. As you play there are many beliefs. The only pokemon that remain are those from "gen 7" and on... Yet to be discovered. With the ecosystem unbalanced their is a shift in pokemon food pryamid and new fakemon/pokemon come to the attention of the people. Capturing and training pokemon is somewhat new to this world. Its recently discovered that allowing kids and pokemon to work with each other, make the strongest connection, and scientist feel this is the best way to studying them. So pokemon gyms, contest, and leagues are created to see who has made the best connection with these wild creatures in hopes to returning order to the world, and find some answers. And yada yada yada, you will learn more as you play.

So this brings me to today. With over 500 fakemon created and upload to this group, I am happy to say I am 2/3 of the way complete to having all the fakemon complete for this game, and still have about 100 to upload that is complete. I like to give thanks to all those who help me create fakemon, sprites, dex entries, attacks, abilities, and etc for this game, honestly without you all. I will be about 1/100th of the way complete. A big thank you to masterthecreator, pequedark-velvet, wiseman288, gunzy, daniel-dna, and countless others for the contributions, friendship, and motivation to keep going.

So if you read this lengthy journal, thank you.
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HellsDementedAngel Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Professional General Artist
maybe i can get help putting my dex together
MyOwnRealm Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
Checked out your eeveelutions. Have made some myself.

It is fun how I also one called Eeveeon but not very coincidental. Doesn't take a genius to come up with that. Also, I do have poison Eeveelution called Anubeon. It is known as the plaugue PKMN/fakemon too haha. It is however ghost/poison. I did not copy you guys if you are wondering.
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LorenzoLivrieri Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hi! Thanks for the invite!
I think the group is really nice. I'm basically a traditional artist, so my contribution to the group wouldn't be of much help, I guess... I do enjoy the art, so I guess I might take a stroll in the galleries every once in a while. XP
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Altarior Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015   Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the invite! I don't do so much fakemon stuff (although I used to do that a lot a long time ago), so I guess I'll mostly be sharing my regular poké-fanart. Still happy to be here tho ^___^
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