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Hello watchers and members ,

i am ready to start a RPG session on here the system is now on beta in regards to the elemental system in play regarding the elements that
added ( light, sound, magic, tech, cosmic, nuclear, chaos ) no more elements will be added at this time other then the use of core pokemon and OCs made by laurelman.

note: fairy is a new type added to pokemon that has yet to be released so it will not be used in roleplay till the official release of the game pokemon X and pokemon Y, as of now we can only guess on how it will work and chances are it can be wrong and i will not risk it

the roleplay will be in dungeons and dragons form known as pokemon adventures… for more info

if you are interested join at… these fourms will be used with big groups or if someone doesn't have a DA account, skype can also be used but without audio unless requested. if anyone will like to join leave a messege here or note me i will take up to 4 people when at least 2 people entered i will post the game time though for now it will typically be on FRI, SAT, SUN

RPlayGame settings===================
general info
hello welcome to Pokemon a New Frontier a pokemon Region created by the RPG maker team this place has many hidden places to explore and find. It's still in progress, so please excuse the dust as we rearrange things and add new
sister group for roleplay :iconpokemonfrontierrpg:
hello welcome to Pokemon a New Frontier a pokemon Region created by the RPG maker team this place has many hidden places to explore and find. It's still in progress, so please excuse the dust as we rearrange things and add new
RP chat
guild rules
- roleplay here one needs the following one for trainer and one for each pokemon obtained

- starting pokemon

dungeons and dragons style

pokemon tabletop


news update RPG maker

hmmm.. how should i put this ? well anyways i have some knowing as to how to use RPG maker due to a pokemon engine already released on RPG maker XP (pokemon essentials) and pokemon ace  
that is what we will be useing. i am still in the process of learning scripting. so it will be the only thing i will support within this group since i can find documention on it. i personally will handle mapping, scripts and all basic events.  

pokemon ace

crystal noel has released a demo on the kit for making a pokemon game using RPG maker VX Ace the version i use so i will be using it to make games in this group , i am still learning scripting  i will support the use of XP untill i can find a proper scripter for that version and the release of the crystal noel's engine, if it will be seeing the posts are updated it will have a chance of completion. after the release i will only focus on pokemonAce . i will remain as editor for both versions

pokemon battle HUD :…
pokemon for ace :…

the engine the user to create a Pokemon game with ease yet still maintains the database and compatibility with most scripts. Unlike Pokemon Essentials for XP and Crazy Ninja Guy’s Kit for… (which is not out yet or dead )

StormCross Studios…

this does not use external text files instead it uses notetags with custom scripts including Crystal Engine to replicate the games on a core level. Currently there is no ascetic replication but instead used Animated Battle by Victor Sant for customization for those who want to have a perfect visual replication of the battles.

with this used keep in mind there will be changes to appearance

SUBMISSION guidelines for resources

resource rules
Please read all points before contributing resources.
1. Tilesets need to be compatible with VX Ace (No XP Tiles)
2. ({national pokedex no.(3 digits)}_{form id usually 0}{if shiny put lowercase s on the end} female forms are considered form id 1 in this kit) This can either be in .gif format were the image is animated or in .png were one image is static and another image with the same name that has all the frames with [anim] after the name  (example  001_0-1 )
3. Animations should have a project with it having the animation set up. (please include all sound effects needed for the animation.)
4. Characters are to be in either single image formate (notated with a $ on the front of the file name or in the 8 image format (again I don’t need Pokemon following.
5. Keep all images that aren’t tilesets in their original size. It helps when it comes to making door images and buildings.
6. Thank you for following directions you may now contribute resourses.

resources can be posted in group, i suppose that time is now if anyone will like to join us leave a message here


Pokémon Essentials

FAQs for this kit…


battle animations :

each cel must be exactly 192x192 pixels in size. The animation sheet can have up to 5 cels in a row, and any number of rows (compare tilesets, which must have exactly 8 tiles in a row and any number of rows).

Autotiles :

Stationary autotiles are 96 pixels wide and 128 pixels tall, and animated autotiles are 128 pixels tall, but their width can be any multiple of 96.


battlers : for animated sprites i ask for the following

code ::
000 = national number + normal sprite
000b = national number + back
000s = national number + shiny
0001b = national number + shiny + back

 -  A 128x64 two-frame icon, used mainly in the party screen and Pokémon storage screen.
   Four battle sprites
       Front normal.
       Rear normal.
       Front shiny.
       Rear shiny.

The icon is composed of two 64x64 pictures side by side,

charecters :

the format for charecter sheet is 4x4 frame sheet



Icons:  a pokemon engine is used so to constrain to that engine i ask you to do the following it will make it easyer on us

footprintXXX  ( Ex. footprint001)
bagPocketX  ( Ex bagPocket1) value 1 - 8
iconXXX        ( ex. icon 001)
ItemXXX        ( ex. item001)

Panoramas :

Pictures :

tilesets :

Mapping is the term given to the creation of the characters' environment and surroundings by using 32x32 pixel "tiles". RPGXP uses a tileset consisting of 8 autotile files and 1 main file image. According to Enterbrain:

   These files contain tiles for map making. Each tile contains at least one block of eight 32×32 pixel frames lined up horizontally, but can go on to contain as many blocks as necessary. There's no limit on the file's vertical size.

i will or may take tiles from inside this group as well as any existing titles up to generation 5 pokemon Aka. ( pokemon black / pokemon white ) or anything i can find. for customs i ask that you post tiles formatted for RPG maker XP it will make it easyer on us


Transitions :

Windowskins :


image formats

.png   .jpg   .bmp

sound formats

.mid   .ogg  .wma   .mp3  .wav

RPG maker :

pokemon kit for RPG maker
the following is for the the XP version of RPG maker if i find others i will post them here. all i know at this time is the crystal engine that has the HUD for pokemon battles.
RPG maker VX
RPG maker VX ace
it seems like this is discontinued but you can contact the maker for the script
all i know is crystal noel is prib going to finish this
info at
the following 2 links is for resources and we cam find tiles using google keyword ( pokemon tileset )

graphics programs

glimp :
photoshop :
corel painter :…
graphics gale :


sigh* what is with the owner here,  removing the last message i thought i should just let peeps know what is up about the lack of activity.... i am your coder for the VXAce version of RPG maker at this time i am unable to continue due to the learning curve of that system and the lack of the materials here.

please in notes to the group report any bugs you find in any of the games made

(if anyone will like to join me give me a note or respond here This Applies to those who are joining also. Think FIRST)
I'm really disappointed to the members of this team from quiting so early.
I know we have Our life outside this Development Team, I don't require you to work full time either,
We can wait, I can wait, but Quiting just because you can't do something at a certain time is really just an excuse for me. If you really want to be in the team then stay till the end in the team. I don't want to recruit those who only wants to be called a Member. It's not just a title, It's a Team.

~ novadragon1000

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August 31, 2013