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This group was created for a fan based Pokemon game that is in the works of being created. "Pokemon a New Frontier", this game contains a new set of pokemon on top of a few existing ones.

Pokemon and all related characters or entities are copyright (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, and/or all other applicable parties.
Founded 6 Years ago
Mar 26, 2012


Group Focus
Fan based Pokemon Game

687 Members
874 Watchers
119,857 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

#33 Willoweep by Laurelman
#77 - Mustly by Laurelman
#78 - Kleptermine by Laurelman
Pokemon Moon and Sun Eevees by Laurelman
Kansaintro Region
#1 - Vulfae by Laurelman
#2 - Vulfear by Laurelman
#3 - Vulferal by Laurelman
#4 - Tigarva by Laurelman
Panhanglo Region
#1 - Tufield by Laurelman
#2 - Rootan by Laurelman
#3 - Toucavine by Laurelman
#4 - Serpheat by Laurelman
Vejugis Region
#1 - Frudt by Laurelman
#2 - Pterosour by Laurelman
#3 - Terrordactyl by Laurelman
#4 - Taurunt by Laurelman
Nabasi Region
#1 - Grandion by Laurelman
#2 - Mossugkat by Laurelman
#3 - Inseckat by Laurelman
#4 - Blazerb by Laurelman
Shikai Region
#1 - Bushin by Laurelman
#2 - Bushaola by Laurelman
#3 - Suniola by Laurelman
#4 - Rabburn by Laurelman
Hollralis Region
#1 - Plodo by Laurelman
#2 - Komeaf by Laurelman
#3 - Komodossion by Laurelman
#4 - Pupire by Laurelman
Ponderra Region
#79 - Luminosa by Laurelman
#1 - Anktic by Laurelman
#2 - Ankaroc by Laurelman
#3 - Ankarockus by Laurelman
Kansaintro Region Dex by Laurelman
Panhanglo Region Dex by Laurelman
Vejugis Region Dex by Laurelman
Nabasi Region Dex by Laurelman
Fakemon Fan Art
Adventure #1 by subinbagdi
F2U Tiny Oddish by timeblitz
Tiles and other stuff
Froppy and Froakie by thegreyzen
Trainer sprites
Re Zero x Pokemon Minimalist Wallpaper [v2] by slezzy7
PaNF creators
Mega Darkrai (Fake) by NeoZ7
Attacks, Types
Attack Grid by Laurelman
Pokemon Trainers

Mature Content

NEW GAME:professor misty advices by nightmarexbx
Pokemon Art
Ariodet the Web Warrior by RavinWood
Ecruteak City G/S/C Style by Bluespeon
role play
AT - Killer Meowth for SWONDL by Aurora-Silver
3D Models
ArmorMewtwo by KickTyan
Grass Types
#98 - Foomungus by Laurelman
Fire Types
#53 - Volconster by Laurelman
Water Types
#114 - Sobekrok by Laurelman
Electric Types
#54 - Radiapharos by Laurelman
Normal Types
#116 - Tortabylon by Laurelman
Bug Types
#79 - Luminosa by Laurelman
Rock Types
#70 - Extrinct by Laurelman
Ground Types
#117 - Pyragiza by Laurelman
Flying Types
#75 - Lumichic by Laurelman
Poison Types
#98 - Foomungus by Laurelman
Ice Types
#55 - Frozapharos by Laurelman
Fighting Types
#36 - Magnotauro by Laurelman
Ghost Types
#24 - Gazatomb by Laurelman
Dark Types
#77 - Mustly by Laurelman
Steel Types
#82 - Fortigrade by Laurelman
Psychic Types
#86 - Crocry by Laurelman
Dragon Types
#111 - Draginity by Laurelman
Fairy Types
#119 - Czarab by Laurelman
Tech Types
#43 - Kongquer by Laurelman
Light Types
#79 - Luminosa by Laurelman
Sound Types
#93 - Soulight by Laurelman
Magic Types
#65 - Nestiny by Laurelman
Cosmic Types
#117 - Pyragiza by Laurelman
Nuclear Types
#24 - Gazatomb by Laurelman
Chaos Types
#28 - Girazig by Laurelman
#97 - Eeveon by Laurelman
Alt. Ampharos types
#55 - Techpharos by Laurelman
Fake Evolutions of Pokemon
#36 - Magnotauro by Laurelman
Fake Pre-Evolutions of Pokemon
#35 - Taulero by Laurelman
Starter Fakemon
#1 - Anktic by Laurelman





RPG maker Team

Evolution Shrine by Laurelman Pokemon A New Frontier : 1st map ? by Ray-one

Pokémon Direct Presentation - 08.01.2012…!
nintendo direct for updates…

submission guidelines
Pokemon a new frontier RPG maker by novadragon1000

a rough ex on spites will be
#1 - Vulfae by gunzy1 #4 - Tigarva by gunzy1 Delphanius Comparisons by WiiStyler

Who is mainly in-charge of the project(creator)

graphic artists
Members who are Widely part of Graphics (Potraits,Edits,HUD,Etc.)

visual artists
Members who create Linearts/Drawings/Sketch etc.

Members who are correcting grammars, writing story, ideas
- :iconlaurelman:

Members who are making the sprites for characters/tiles/etc.

Members who are creating Maps of the Game

Members who write scripts for systems/features/etc

Members who creates Animation Effects,SBS aka. Tankentai Actions Sequence

Members who composes songs and music for the game

1. refer to the submission guidelines to contribute
2. Tilesets need to be compatible with VX Ace or XP Tiles please indicate which version or you will be ignored
3. all pictures submitted should have a single color background, you can have a second one for concept arts and those will be accepted directly on deviantart
4.Thank you for following directions you may now contribute resources.

To send me resources:

1 E-mail me :
2 post them here on DA using a link to your work through comment or note
3 post them here at :iconpokemonanewfrontier:







So hey gang, you want prizes?! Fine, I got them! First I need you to do something for me though.

I recently entered in the Webtoons Comic Contest. If I win I get to meet with the one and only Stan Lee! (Also a few other prizes).
So take a look at my comic:…

Now for the prizes and how to win them! What I need is your VOTE. Every vote I get places me one step closer to being entered in the top 20, and if doing so gets Stan Lee and his POW! ENTERTAINMENT! company reading my comic. You can log in with Facebook, Twitter, and/or the Line app. Enter daily and get your name entered more than once in the raffle.

So I am offering everyone who votes, a chance to win 1,000 points and a full body commission. Show me you voted and your name will be placed in a raffle!

Thank you to all that help me accomplish my dream!
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BaileyVandenbroek Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
do there is any progress?
(1 Reply)
Can someone make me a writer?

Also, Stalagmeon, entry says it eats minerals and can find them, why not make a move/feature based on Stalagmeon's ability to find minerals?
MegaRayquaza007 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Can i be a spriter?
(1 Reply)
Thanks for making me a contributor!
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